3 Best Games to Learn about Business

Business is very important in the professional world. Business science is the highest pyramid of how a company can continue to move forward and can become a respected company and no less important, business science has a great chance to make you rich. Who doesn't want to be rich?. Business could be learn from everywhere, one of them is by playing games. Do you like playing games? If yes, this article is great for you for learning business through several fun games.

Well, through the game below you can play while learning to do business, here are the lists :

1. The first game in this list is Billionare
This is a simple game where you have to be a richest person by dominating several business sector at once. By playing this game, you will be given capital to make investment by selling goods or services in real life, for example, you can build many kinds of stores. All of those business units become a capital conversion which are given to multiply it and get the profit.

In this game, your money will come by itself every seconds until the capacity of each your stores are full. There are 4 specifications that you have in each your business unit, namely earnings (intensity of making money, for example $ 15 / minute), max hold (what is the maximum amount of money that can be saved before you collect), build in (time needed to build it),and threat (threats when owning this business).

In Billionaire, there is no limit to how many business units you can have. The maximum limit is a threat that cannot reach 100%. Especially for threats, there are things you should pay attention to carefully. If your threat exceeds 50%,  you can be sentenced for the business you have. With these penalties you will not be able to collect money

2. The second games is Make It Rain: Love of Money
This is a unique game because even though the game play offered is very simple but this game teaches you the basic things about money which are very important. The way to play it is very simple, you just swipe a piece of money from one big pile of money. Every successful money you swipe will enter your account. The purpose? Collect as much money as you can.

Sounds silly indeed but wait until you try it yourself. The sooner you swipe, the more money will be collected and after 2 minutes your hands are sore you will begin to glance at the bottom of the screen and there are three menus waiting. These three menus are a form of investment that you can make to make more of your money.

Make it Rain: The Love of Money is probably a very simple game, but this game has reminded me of many things about money, like in the beginning you have to work hard to earn money, but after you get enough money then you can make investments and let money work for you. My advice is try this one game to understand how rich people get their money

3. The last game in this list is Monopoly.
We will return to the past for a moment. Since ancient times, Monopoly has been considered a game that can hone our business instincts. Do you know George Soros? He was a very rich foreign exchange expert, in his childhood he often played Monopoly and was very good at playing it.

At Monopoly, you will learn how to negotiate with your opponents, manage your company's finances so they don't collapse, take advantage of your lucky momentum, and outsmart your business opponents. The trend of playing Monopoly continues to exist until this millennium. The rules for playing the mobile version are 100% the same and are available in various themes like Monopoly in the physical version (cardboard, board game). Unfortunately, for each theme you have to pay a certain amount of money and not every theme is in the same application so it seems wasteful of storage memory.

The plus point of this mobile version is that you don't have to bother tidying up your Monopoly game equipment once you've finished playing and don't need to be afraid if one of the components of the game is tucked ’and then goes missing somewhere (personal experience). To further learn the business side, I suggest playing Monopoly in multiplayer. Negotiating with fellow humans is certainly more experience than negotiating with a computer, right?

Keep in mind that multiplayer here is only local, so you can't play against other players around the world but only limited to players on your local wi-fi network. Finally, another important lesson about Monopoly is taxes and prisons are enemies of haunting for business.

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