5 Ways in Finding Your Life Goals

These days, so many people who faced difficulties and crisis in finding their passion and discovering their life goals. Life goals is a basic thing for human to survive in this world. Everyone must have purposes even though that’s just a little. Many people who are not success to find out their life goals, their life are perfunctory at the end so that’ why they cant find their own happiness. Here, I've identified some of ways to find your life goals 

1. Recognize your interest.
Always remember and note every things that you want and your interest. Then, looked back at that. Do those things make you happy? Do those things make you live and powerful? Do those things make you comfortable and peaceful? Those questions should be answered as clear as you can. If those questions fill all the criteria, you had better prepare yourself to go through with that. 

 2. Get Inspirations from other people.
Try to find out how people spend their lives. You can get many inspirations about people’s life by reading books or biography of great people. You can find it from online resources, buy books or reading in the library. You also can talk or meet with the people directly (face to face). There are so many ways to get inspirations! Try it out! 

3. Get out from your comfort zone.
Get out from your comfort zone is really hard if you don’t want to face new challenges. That’s why so many people stay in that zone for a long time. Now, you should realize if you don’t want to move into another zone, you won’t grow at all. You had better get out from your comfort zone to try something new. You don’t need to hurry, get out slowly. The important thing is to make sure that you can do it. 

4. Don’t be afraid to face the failure.
A failure can be happened anytime. That’s a normal thing but have you ever heard a quote “ it’s better to try than never” ?. By facing failure, you can learn many things and start to try something new again, in fact, nothing to lose. 

5. Prepare yourself to go through a long journey.
Imagine if you go through many kinds of moments whether it’s good or bad when you try to reach your life goals. That’s why you had better prepare yourself especially your mental. Motivate yourself to make sure you keep survive and try to find out the best ways to achieve your life.

Image source : https://seanwes.com/podcast/068-you-have-one-life-set-bigger-goals/

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